NVC letter pending even after 4 months of I130 approval


My husband filed for I 130 in the f2a category with priority date 23rd March 2018 at USCIS while he still was permanent resident or LPR. In the course of time this year in first week he became the citizen and immediately intimated the USCIS about this development. In no more then 4-5 days USCIS
approves our case and sent us an email.

But after the approval we haven’t received any letter or any form of communication from NVC. It’s been almost 4 months since approval from USCIS, I am a lil worried now, please throw light on this situation.
Thank You

Did you try calling NVC to check if you have received their case from USCIS?

We did send them an email in which they said they are going to intimated us when our turn comes. I am now little worried because it has extended all the time limits. Please suggest things which can be done now.

You cannot do anything except to wait.

Thank you so much for your insight over my case. Just have to ask one more thing, is it normal that this much time is taking for getting letter from NVC. Have you heard it before from anybody having same situation as me?

Hi @Pallavi_Singh

The processing time varies with each location and yes, it does gets delayed.

Normally, the processing time is about 60 to 90 days on average at most locations.

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