OCI & India Visitor Visa for US Citizen Child

Hi Anil,

My son is US Citizen having US passport (born May 2015). 5 years back, we have applied for India Visitor visa for him ( got 10 year multiple visa), visited India on this Visa, and later in USA we also applied for OCI card. So he has both Visitor Visa and OCI. But we just found that they ( either India side or US side) have cancelled his India Visitor Visa (Cancelled without prejudice). Now we have renewed his US Passport, and i know we also have to renew his OCI.

Question 1: Why they have “Cancelled without prejudice” his Vistor Visa ?
Question 2: If we dont renew his OCI, we cannot travel to India based on his current vistor visa ?


As always Thank you very very much for all your help and support.

You can still travel with your child’s old passport and oci issued with old passport and renewed passport. The government of India has given relaxation until December to travel with old oci . I traveled in Aug with the same scenario with my kid

Hello Dear Members ,
My wife + 10yr old kid are in H4 (expired on April 2020) and I missed to apply their extension until Sept 2020. I have recently applied their H4 extension with NPT. If they wont go back India until April 2021 their 10 yr ban will be raised.

I am planning to send them back by March 2021 but my new born baby (7 months) does not have OCI yet. Reason for not having OCI is because CKGS was asking Mother’s Valid Status which I dont have and so I withdrew her OCI application.

Could anyone please let me know what all are my option -

  1. Can I apply her OCI again (thru VFS) with Mother’s H4 extension receipt? Will VFS consider the H4 receipt as a VALID status?
  2. Can I apply for her regular VISA? Or VISA would also have the same problem as OCI (legal status of mother)

Your suggestion will really help me a lot.
Thanks a lot in advance.

H4 extension receipt is a valid document to prove legal status.

Thank you very much Anil Sir for your reponse.
BTW, Do you have any knowledge from whom I should apply her OCI . Some are saying VFS while in FB some people were saying CKGS will resume their service from 11/09.

Thanks again.

VFS. CKGS contract has been cancelled.

Thank you very much Anil Sir. I appreciate your help.

Hi Inderjeet,

We’re you able to apply for OCI? I am in same situation where I have valid visa but my wife’s H4 extension is still in process.


Hi Sunny
I applied OCI along with H4 extension receipt but waiting for VFS to respond…

Thank you. Sent a message on fb, please respond

Sunny ,
Due to some privacy reason , I would not be able to respond on FB.
You can either email me or ping me on FB messenger.

Thank you. Yes I did message on fb messenger. Please check filtered requests.

Hello Inder sir,
How are you? Could you please ping me on FB once get time. I need your help.

Vijay Kumar

Hello Inderjeet,
Did you receive OCI for your kid with h4 receipt? I’m in similar situation. Pls let me know. TIA

Yes I have got my kid’s OCI.They considered my wife’s H4 application (in process).
I submitted at NY VFS

Great. My wife’s h4 NPT is in progress and I was not sure if they consider h4 NPT receipt copy for my kids oci. Anyway thanks for the immediate response. I will also apply for OCI.

My case was also same. My wife’s NPT is in process when I applied my kid OCI.
Best of luck.



Today we have received Renewed OCI Card for my 6 years old kid, but only received the new OCI card, they haven’t returned the old or expired OCI card. Is it expected? Did they change anything recently?

Anyone has similar issues?

Thank you for your response.