OFC appointment for B1/B2 Visa at Hyderabad

When OFC appointments for B1/B2 visas available for interview at Hyderabad, any information would be much appreciated.

There is no official information available from US embassy at this time.

Thanks, would you please let us know when information available.

Hi Anil,

Can I book interview slots other than my state of residence, i.e, Chennai, Mumbai, or New Delhi? I am residing in Telangana.

I have been trying to book B1/B2 visitor US visa for my parents for more than 5 weeks now, I have not found a single date though the website says it has dates. Everytime I check, it says,

There are currently no appointments available. Please press the Back button and choose a new OFC appointment date.

Is this is problem with the system or the Embassy is not giving any B1/B2 appointments? Would appreciate any help.

There are no B1/B2 appointments available until Sep 2022 for first time interview.

They will most probably open new slots for Oct 2022 soon.