Online application - Concurrent filing for H4 COS and H4 EAD?


I wanted to see if anyone had any inputs on whether online filling is an option for concurrent filing of H4 COS(I-539) and H4 EAD(I-765) applications.

I know the best way is to do paper filling but since now USCIS gives an option to file online, then can concurrent filing be done or is that not possible since they would get tagged as two different applications?

As far as I know, H4 EAD is not yet available for online filing.

Thank you! Looks like that is correct. We were under the assumption that since my spouse could do the F1 OPT EAD online, the same would be available to be done for H4 EAD.

So the best option now would be to file both together in paper form instead of doing one online and one paper.