Only h4 stamping allowed when primary applicant is in Usa?

Can we get only H4 stamping for dependents without H1B stamping?

Yes, you can.

But, you will need to submit the proof that the H1B person is either in US physically or has a valid approved H1B visa stamp.

Hi Anil,

I have a question about your reply. What sort of proof does one need to submit to show that the primary applicant is in the US physically? Please let me know.

H1B valid most recent i94.

Thanks for this update. Do you mean the I94 that’s connected to the H-1B I797A approval notice? Please let me know. My wife submitted her dropbox documents on September 27. There has been no update, yet. We are very worried that my expired H-1B stamp may be the cause of this delay.

Hi Anil, Sorry to bother you once again. However, my wife’s H4 (3rd renewal) dropbox application with the Hyderabad, India, consulate is stuck in “Application Received” status since September 27. Her dropbox appointment was on September 25. The last time the case was updated was also September 27. What can we do at this point? Do think we should call the Hyderabad consulate for an update/escalation or the UStraveldocs folks. My wife has sent two emails to UStraveldocs guys already, but their system is completely messed up; they keep sending automated replies without reading the content of the message. Please advice. We are both stressed out.

Hi Anil, Some news to share. My wife’s H4 stamping extension status on the CEAC website shows up as “Approved.” This happened on October 17 (Tuesday). Please note that October 23 and 24 were holidays in India–consulate was closed. Do you know how long it takes to go from “Approved” to “Issued?”

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Hi Anil
In my case, the primary H1B holder has a valid I-797 but no H1B stamp on the passport. He did COS in USA from L2 to H1B. Can I get H4 stamp if the primary applicant don’t have H1B stamp

Hi same scenario like yours ,so the H4 Visa was approved with the latest H1’s I 797 and with expired stamped copy ,no issue right ?

Yes, it was approved. No issue whatsoever.