Organisational chart requirement for Managerial Occupations

Hi There,

I wrote to VETASSESS to ask whether Organisational chart is required while applying for the position of Primary healthcare manager.

There reply was Yes,an organisational chart is required.

They also shared the list of managerial occupations for which the Org.chart is required.

Does anyone has any format or any experience with this regard ?
If the organisation chart is not submitted to what degree will it effect the visa.
Kindly suggest a possible alternative.
I am working in a Military hospital in Bahrain where it will be difficult to get such information.

Thanks in advance

Its pretty easy to make an organization chart.

Just search google and you will find many examples.

Hi Anil, thank you for your generous help.

I have confusion if I should include names of my colleagues also in the Organizational Chart of it is just about the positions?

Will appreciate your kind response, as usual.


You can name a few high position individuals and then skip others with clause of confidentiality.