Paid market research surveys AND breach of TSS 482 visa condition (8607)

Does attending online or offline paid market research surveys to earn a small amount (around an average of $ 1000 per year) while full-time working with the sponsor of a TSS 482 visa would breach TSS 482 visa condition 8607 which says

  1. You must work only in the occupation nominated in your most recent Subclass 482 (Temporary Skill Shortage) visa application.
  2. You can only work for the sponsor that nominated you if your visa was granted in a Medium or Short-term stream and your sponsor is an overseas business

Please note that participating in these surveys does not involve any sort of employment with a market research company. Also, it is an irregular and occasional activity. The survey involves providing a feedback about under development product in any category like food, insurance, etc.

I would stay away from any such work which has the potential of violating visa terms in absence of clear instructions.

The amount is not worth risking the primary visa.

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Thanks. The confusing part is, if we apply the logic that it is ‘paid work’ then there are many other similar activities that almost everyone does. For example, In Australia, if we complete certain tasks on Microsoft Bing we get points that can be redeemed for Amazon vouchers. In a year anyone can easily make $ 30 or so. Google also has its own paid survey platform (Google Reward). If we answer questions about shopping or YouTube views it pays a few cents. Annually, it easily pays up to $ 30. It can be used to buy apps on the Play Store.

In this case the amounts are small but it involves precisely same activities as paid market research surveys.

I agree but usually any visa that restricts work with any other employer should be done very carefully.

Usually, if you can’t find a concrete answer, the answer is NO.