Parent Eligible for Dropbox, minor kid is not eligible for dropbox but eligible for interview

My wife and son are going to travel to India from USA but there is small problem. My wife is eligible for dropbox and my son(minor, 9 year ) is not eligible for dropbox but he is eligible for the interview. The issue is that interview waiver questions are not separate for every dependent family member. It is for the whole application with dependents included.
Also there is no option to fill a separate application for dependent family member as the option says “close and open a new application” or “continue application”. So what do we need to do ?

Sounds like a problem with their new portal.

In old one, they had the option to create a new account and then book an appointment separately. Did you try that option in new portal?

Yes in the new portal

I created a new profile for my son, the process there is exactly same as any other person , but the official visa site says that parent can submit kid’s document at the time of parents interview but my wife is eligible for dropbox so she does not have an interview.

In that case, your wife can choose to appear for interview and not go for dropbox.

Travel docs website is super confusing, there are no separate questions for underage kids so one will think that kid is not eligible for Dropbox but general guidance on their website says interview waiver/Dropbox for below 14 and 80 above

Anil, as per your app, my wife is eligible for dropbox and also as per the new us travel docs portal, she is eligible for dropbox but her visa got expired in 05/2018 so it’s been more than 48 months. I don’t understand how is she eligible for dropbox? or I have wrong understanding of 48 months rule?

Hi Anil,

I am in a difficult situation and I am unable to find a clear answer anywhere. My wife had to travel to India. Her H4’s expired and so is my H1B. However, we have I797As that expire in 2026. She qualifies for H4 dropbox. Is a current visa stamp for the Principal Applicant one of the required documents? Obviously we don’t have that as I am in the US currently. Please let me know. Also, I did not know where to ask this question.

Your issue is resolved it.? let me know how did u handle it.

Helo Siva and Senhal,
I am in same prob as you guys. How did you handle it ?