Parents name difference issue

Need help with my situation.
My mother recently attended a B2 visa interview, and we received a 221(g) notice requesting additional documentation to address a name difference discrepancy between her passport and mine.

The discrepancy arises from my use of the shorter name “ABCDE” in my passport, whereas my mother’s first name is “ABCDEFGH.” I have attached a copy of my birth certificate for your reference, which confirms the correct first name as “ABCDEFGH.”

Unfortunately, I do not have any other documents under the name “ABCDE XYZ” to provide as proof.

Request your guidance to address this name difference without any B2 visa denial.

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What additional documents have they requested? Have they mentioned anything?

Your mother can create a one and same person affidavit for various name variations, get it notarized and then submit it.

They did not provide any guidance on the same. We are planning to get the affidavit for names and resubmit the request. I sent an email to that and after few hours I got email from to submit the passport at vfs office for further processing.
Not sure if they responded to my original email.

Did your mom’s visa get approved?
I am facing similar issue
Mother’s name differs in my passport

Yes, it got approved after providing the affidavit and my 10th education certificate had the same name.
VISA was approved in 5 days after providing the affidavit.