Partner visa - Subclass 309 query

My spouse has a PR and it was granted in feb 2018 and he stayed in Australia only for 2 months until now and currently in a different country.His the 5 year grant completes on Feb 2023 .I am currently on partner visa - subclass 309 and I received the grant on Sep 2021 and started working in Australia since May 2022 and currently living in Australia. Below are my queries
1.What will happen to my status after feb 2023 if my spouse doesn’t return before the 5 year term ?
2.will I automatically get subclass 100 PR status - if yes when and what is the process
3. Can I enter and exit Australia anytime ?
Kindly help

If your got the PR grant, then you should be able to live and work in Australia even when your spouse lives somewhere else.