Passport Application is under Review at Indian Embassy/Consulate

Hello Everyone

Please advise; It’s been since 3 months I got my passport after the renewal of my Indian Passport on my hand before police verification has been completed. My parent has completed also the Police Verification within time but yesterday suddenly I checked Passport Seva Kendra Portal and it’s showing “Passport Application is under Review at Indian Embassy/Consulate”. My local police station confirmed it’s done. Before in Portal, it’s showing:

The passport has been printed.

My concern is that any issue or if I need to travel can I use my new passport?

Do not worry about status if PV is completed and you already have passport in hand.
They will reach out to you if they need anything (or, you can reach out to embassy/consulate if it will help you feel better).


Thank you so much for your reply. Any idea shall I travel with my new passport? And I’ll reach out to the consulate.