Passport expiring in a month. Restart with new application with Tatkal or submit regular application?


I started off with a regular application to renew my passport that is expiring on March 14th this year. While I started the process more than a month ahead, due to medical treatments I could attend to it continuously and only finish today. I have everything ready to be shipped tomorrow. However, since my passport is expiring less than a month from now I am worried if it will be renewed on time (Houston embassy). So my questions are:

  1. What if for some reason (like incomplete or additional documents are required), the application is delayed and the passport expires? Say my new passport is issued only on the 20th of March, what will be the implications for my stay (H1B) and international travel due to the 6 days between 14th March and 20th March during which I would not be holding a valid passport?
  2. If there would be implications due to a delayed passport issue (like above), would it be better to abandon the entire application and submit through Tatkal instead?
  3. If I continue to submit my current application tomorrow, would VFS or the consulate let me know as soon as they receive the application that it won’t be issued before my current passport expires so it would be better to submit a Tatkal application?

Please let me know and thanks a lot in advance!

There is no impact of delay in renewal of passport if renewed within 1 year of expiry, unless you wish or are compelled to travel due to emergency - when it is expired or renewal is under process.

H1B is not impacted if you are already in US and have valid/unexpired I-94. At the time of H1B renewal, you should have unexpired passport.

Renewal through Normal or Tatkal route is your call. The normal processing time of passport is 3 weeks. Previous passports issued from Passport Issuing Authorities other than Embassy/Consulate could take much longer (~30 working days).