Passport for grandmother (90 years) without aadhar card

I am trying to have my grandmother (90 years but fit to walk and travel) visit US to spend some time with me along with my parents. However, she doesnt have aadhar card which seems to be a pre-requisite for passport (for whatever reasons, it was never made for her). Looks like new enrolment for people over 18 years have been stopped now for aadhar card. Any idea how to get the aadhar card for her if there are still some centers which can help? Or if passport can be made without aadhar card for her considering her age? My parents tried going to multiple aadhar card offices with no avail. Would really appreciate if can get any help or leads here.
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Why are the Aadhar centers denying issuing the Aadhar card?

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Since they already completed giving the aadhar cards to people above 18 years, and now only issuing for people below 18 years, they have been given clear instructions to not issue any more for 18 and above :frowning: Dont know what to do in this situation. Any advise or help is highly appreciated :pray:
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I have not heard of any such rule.
This sounds like a ‘made up’ reason.

How is it possible that they have issued aadhar to all adults out of 140 crore people?

Sounds fishy to me.

Yes, its very fishy and confusing too. My parents went to local aadhar card office and as per them, only updates are allowed to existing aadhar cards at this point (for people above 18 years) since they were given aadhar cards 10 years ago (sure - but not everyone got/made it including rural areas!). Trying to see if there is any other document they accept in lieu of this to get the passport made (dont know if PAN card works, I doubt though).

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For 18 years and above, Aadhaar Enrollment will be done only at the authorized Aadhaar Enrollment Center appointed through the Collectorate and not all centers. You can send email to customer support to get details.

Aadhaar is not mandatory for passport. Here’s the list of documents that should work:

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Thank you so very much Pankaj. My dad was able to go to the main office and they have now agreed to issue the aadhar card :slight_smile: They said it may take from 1-3 months - which is little sad since I wanted her to come now with my parents, but its still better than not being able to come at all. Really really appreciate your and Anil’s help and guidance! :slight_smile: This forum has been very helpful for me, always, so really appreciate the prompt responses.
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