Passport Has Been Handed Over By the Embassy/Consulate - No police Verification/Printing Update


My passport renewal application was submitted to the embassy at Houston on 28th April and I directly got a message on 11th May “Passport has been handed over by the embassy/consulate to the OSP executive for further dispatch to the applicant.”

There was no update regarding police verification/printing.

Is this normal or is it indicative of a mistake in the application? All along, the message from VFS said ‘Application has been processed at the VFS center and is submitted to the mission for decision making’

Thank you

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Yes. Had you tracked on Govt. Website, you would have seen the different stages being updated on it. You get message/email only for certain specific milestones.


So is it a mistake that I have made so they are returning the passport? I thought they use a ‘hold’ or ‘invalid’ status. I missed 4 days of checking and they got the whole thing done?

Nope. If there was any mistake, VFS would have reached out seeking information. Looks like your passport application is processed.

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Pankaj, thanks for that. Its incredibly expensive for the MEA to leave a chronological history of the process on the application tracking link.