Passport Issuance Location on US Travel Docs Website


I am applying for re-stamping of my son’s H4 visa. His latest passport was issued by Indian Consulate at Atlanta. On the US Travel Docs website (CGI Federal) where I am creating a profile for him with Passport details, I have some confusion about what should be the Passport Place of Issuance. I believe it should be USA but want to check here with people with similar experiences.

Ankush Gupta

Hi @agupta

USA is the correct answer if most recent valid passport was issued by Indian embassy in US.

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Thanks for quick response. I have another question on DS-160.

On DS160, where they ask for Family and whether they are in United States, are they referring to physical presence at the moment of visa application or they are asking from domicile point of view? In my case my wife and son (both Indian Citizens) are in India along with my US Citizen daughter. I have filled it as in the attached screen shot, let me know if this is correct.

Please let me know if I need to create another thread for it.

Hi @agupta

This information should be filled based on the physical location of people on the date of filling this form.

Hi @Anil.Gupta just to be clear, are you sure about it? I have read on some forums that it refers to your domicile that’s why the confusion. Although based purely on question’s language, I understand it only refers to physical location. What about US citizen kid not in the US currently? Should I not mention her as well on DS160?

Hi @agupta

I have answered to the best of my knowledge. It is up-to you to follow it or not.

You can talk to an attorney to get a second opinion if you want.

Ok, thanks, appreciate it. I will let you know what happens in my case so others can also benefit from it. Thanks again.

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