Passport Re-issue application rejected

I sent my indian passport renewal application yesterday to VFS by post. I got an email today which says
“Your application is rejected and returned as your passport is damaged and you have applied under normal services. Please re-apply as damaged. Fees for this application will be returned to you”
But my passport is completely fine. What should i do? what do you think is the issue?

I live in Indiana
Consulate: Chicago

If they say it’s damaged then you will have to go with it. You can reach out to consulate with clear pics and check with them. Or, you can renew in India if you still have time and plans to visit India.

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dont have plans to visit india this year so that is not an option.

Do you suggest booking an appointment this time instead of mailing it by post?

Also, what additional documents will i require if they consider my passport as damaged?

You can reach out to them virtually on Twitter or email.

@rk1010 Im on same boat and could you help me with steps next that helped you?

i applied in damaged and things went smooth after that.

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Could you please let me know the email contact, I cannot go on to Twitter due to blocks. Also is there a contact number, the online information is so confusing and it says you will be charged after the first 5 mintues or first phone call, something like that.