Passport received - Thank you

I shipped the application last monday and got the new and old passport back this monday. They shipped it on friday, so in fact it only took 4 working days. This was a regular application. I am amazed by the speed of the process as I was expecting at least a month based on experiences shared here. VFS and the govt passport site were great in providing the updates.

This forum helped me a lot during the application stage, I would specially like to thank Suganani, Pankaj Diwedi and Anil for answering my questions.


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Great news! Congrats!

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I had the same great Experience with Houston Center. I received my renewed passport the next Friday. what chiefly struck me was the Police verification happened after I received my Passport and they had gone to my Indian address on Passport. while they are doing a great job , how does the process or Data updates add up ?

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Hi Barath, what does the status say in the govt website?

Hey! Did you need to do the police clearance?
If so, how long did that take and did you do the clearance before sending the passport application or after?

Congratulations @dsamz … Need help with few queries since I am planning to apply for my passport renewal…

1> Was your previous passport issued in India?
2> Which address did you get prinited on the passport (US/ India)?
3> Did your address on previous passport change while applying for the new one?

Thank you in advance.