Passport Received Today : SFO, Tatkal processing

I finally received my passport by Fedex. Took me exactly 2 weeks in Tatkal @SFO.
No police verification in India so far.
Special thanks to Anil Gupta, Pankaj Diwedy and Kalpesh Dalwadi for their guidance and quick response to all my queries.

Hi - i am also planning to apply in tatkal. Did u get an email approval from the consulate for your tatkal process?

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No, you don’t need an approval from consulate for Tatkal.


Thank you for the quick update

Was there anything special you had to do for the tatkal service other than paying the extra fees? Were there extra documents you had to send along with your application?


No, same documents. There is a checklist on the VFS that shows documents for tatkal processing. You can also refer to this link Renew Indian Passport in USA (VFS Process, Documents) - USA as it gives you step-by-step instructions along with the documents/affidavits that need to be notarized.

Thanks so much for your reply. One question - was your passport already expired when you applied for your tatkal passport renewal? My wife’s passport has expired and I am trying to find out if she can apply under tatkal.

No, mine had not expired, but i think you can still apply as the following are the categories that cannot apply for Tatkal
a). Lost / Damaged beyond recognition / Stolen Passport

b). Renewal of Short Validity Passport (SVP)

c). Major Change in Name (cases different from minor change case)

d). Change in Sex

e). Change of Appearance

f). Change/ Correction of DoB

g). Change/ Correction of Place of birth

h). Change in Signature

i). Change of Father/ Mother name

Thanks again, that helps.
I saw that list, but just before the list, the following is written,
TATKAL’ Passport Service is an ‘Emergency’ Passport Service. All applicants (except below-mentioned categories) residing in the USA and having valid Passport and Valid Visa Status (i.e., “Visa Page/EAD/Green Card/I-797A Approval Notice) are eligible to apply for re-issue of Passport under Tatkal Passport Scheme

The bold part where it says valid passport is what I am worried about. And I am seeing conflicting information in the internet regarding this, so I thought I will ask someone who recently got this done.
Thank you.

Hey Folks, has anyone’s tatkal passport application status changed to ‘print’ post July 15th. I applied in tatkal at SFO, status changed to ‘Passport application is under review at Indian Embassy/Consulate.’ on July 14th, today July 22nd still same(though tatkal says 5 days processing time). Appreciate any comments

I think you cannot apply for tatkaal if the passport has been expired over 3 years. In your case since it expired recently, you should be fine.

Though mine was prior to July 15th, but the status did change to “Printed” after 4-5 days. Please give it couple of days, sometimes it takes more time.