Passport Renewal - Adding spouse name in the passport after marriage

I recently applied for the renewal of my passport and my application was denied as I didn’t select CHANGE IN EXISTING PERSONAL PARTICULARS -SPOUSE NAME while applying and simply applied with the “Validity due to expire” option. I am reapplying and I am told to attach the Change of Appearance form (Notarized) with the selection of change in personal particulars - Spouse name.
The change of Appearance form doesn’t make sense to me as this form only concerns you if your appearance was changed and/or signature was changed. I am not sure if this also considers that you got married and would like to add your spouse’s name. Did anyone send any such form while applying? If yes, did you just say on the form that your appearance has changed? Also, I am currently looking at/trying to fill, Affidavit for change of appearance or signature - Notarized, is this the right form?
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please help! thank you in advance!

Basically they are asking you to select CHANGE IN EXISTING PERSONAL PARTICULARS and Validity due to expire both while filling out application.
Change of Appearance form is necessary and it is for you only.
It has 2 options: 1. Change/No Change in appearance and 2. Change/No Change in signature. You have to select one from each and then paste a recent photo and put signature in a form. Get it notarized.

Thank you @sharma22 for your reply! So neither my appearance nor my signature changed. In this particular case, does my appearance change mean I getting married?
I’m confused as to what should I select for appearance change.

No, your appearance change does not mean you getting married. In Personal Particulars select add Spouse Name when filling out the application and also select validity due to expire.

In the Affidavit for Change in Appearance and Signature, fill out the details and select No Change in appearance and signature then Paste the photograph and do signature same as on your passport. Get it notarized then.

Do we need to attach marriage certificate or/& attach spouse passport copy if we need to add spouse name (change in personal particulars-Spouse name) on new passport while applying?