Passport renewal-Address in Govt form

Hello Sir,

I am applying for passport renewal via SF embassy. In Govt application form there are Two questions.
1.Is your passport printable address outside of India? (selecting “No” as i would like to continue with the India address ,so i would be giving my India address here).

In the same section there is one more question as below.

2.Is your other address out of India? - Should we provide current US address here or this should be the India address as in question 1.

any thoughts?

Its your choice what address you want to write. Usually, people write their Indian address.

Hi Anil,

Is it mandate to mention US address in other addresses while renewing Indian passport in US. I submitted passport application form keeping same Indian address as in current passport opting for no change in address. Also mentioned another Indian address in other address. Is that an issue.

The VFS checklist says “Please ensure to mention 1 Indian and 1 USA address in the online application form.”

Thanks, But the same checklist at the bottom also says that

Applicants must write their Indian address / last known Indian address in the Passport Application Form. This could be in either the ‘To be
printed on Passport’ or ‘Other Address Details’ columns or the same Indian address can be mentioned in both the columns. Sent the query to VFS, waiting for VFS to respond, not sure when they will respond.


I also submitted the online application form with a new Indian address on ‘Printable Address’ and a different Indian address on ‘Other address’ section. After making payment for VFS I found that I need to provide one US address. I haven’t mailed the documents yet. What options do I have now to correct this issue. Please let me know.

Thank you.

You will have to go for refund. Then, fill in new application with ‘correct’ address. Use that new ARN number on VFS site and proceed as you did earlier.

Here’ an article which gives all relevant details on refund:


Hi , I am trying to renew my spouse’s passport and I have submitted the Address to print on passport and Other Address same as the Current Passport Indian Address, will this be a problem of Passport being dispatched to India Address? I have VFS return label for US address along with a proof of US address. Could someone clarify if it is ok to have both addresses as same Indian address, else do I need to submit a new application?


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Checklist clearly mentions to have 1 address of USA and 1 of India. Which one you want to be printed on passport is your choice. If you have already submitted application then you need to fill a new one.

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What will be the repercussion of having both the address as Indian address? I am unsure if I can get my money back and the process is indeed tedious again to fill in the application and tag the arn to vfs. I have everything ready for notary and shipment. I am confused.

They will most probably send your application back if you messed up addresses.

Thank you very much for the information.

I called VFS regarding the same issue. The representative told that if you are giving the Indian address in ‘Other Address’ instead of US address it should be same as the ‘Printable Address’.
But the checklist says that we need to make sure to give ‘One Indian Address’ and ‘One US Address’.
I would recommend you to call VFS before you mail the documents.

So they are allowing 2 Indian addresses? Strange. Checklist states otherwise. I went with Indian address as printable address and US address as ‘other address’. No issues with that. Application is with Consulate now.

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One Indian address and one US address is fine. But if you are giving only Indian address in both Printable and Other address it should be the same address. That is what the representative from VFS told me.

Were you able to print the online application form in ‘Portrait’ mode. When I print the application form it is printing in Landscape mode by default. VFS wants it only in Portrait mode. If I choose the Portrait mode before printing it prints in Portrait mode but the page is small and photograph doesn’t fit.
Please let me know if you have an idea on this issue.

Thank you.

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I printed the filled in application first in PDF. Went through it completely to make sure everything is filled, as I saw occasionally few items come blank. Once I was sure that everything is okie, I finally printed that on paper. Everything came all okie. Try that, see if it works for you.

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Hi this is Himabindu I too have same problem did your passport renewal was successful or your application was returned with both addresses same as India

You may have both the same indian addresses; I have been using it this way.
Though the instructions are not precise, what they mean is not to provide 2 different Indian Addresses in the Government Online Application Form.