Passport renewal after marriage

I am on H1-B visa and my passport is up for renewal in 7 months. I am married currently and I read online that I have to submit

  1. Our marriage certificate
  2. First and last page copies of my spouse’s passport.

My question is, should the above 2 documents be notarized or can I just self attest them?

Self attestation is sufficient. Spouse’s passport should be attested by your spouse.

Thank you.

My spouse’s passport still shows her old surname (the one before marriage). Would that cause any issues if I give her new surname in my application?

Name change after marriage doesn’t need any document. In India they do not even ask for marriage certificate. One can easily give the new surname. I am not 100% sure if it works same way in US, although there’s every chance that it should.

However, if she’s getting her passport renewed too (along with addition of your name), she can change it first and then you can use the latest information. That will make it simpler.

Drop in a note to VFS and check before submitting, to be absolutely sure about it.