Passport Renewal and I-94 extension on approved I-797


Current Visa Status :

  • Approved I-797 for H4 until Sept 2025 and attached I-94 has same validity as well.
  • Current visa stamp for H4 expired on Sept 2022
  • Current Passport expiring in Jan 2024

Passport Renewal : I am currently in process of renewing my passport within USA and expecting to received by end of Feb 2023.


  1. Is it possible to stay within USA until the vaidity of I-94 on approved I-797 with newly renewed passport (without active/current visa stamp) or the only option is to get visa stamped on newly renewed passport?

You can stay in US until the validity of I-94 mentioned in I-797. When you go out of US next time, you will need a stamped visa to enter US.

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