Passport Renewal - Asking for name change affidavit but I haven't changed my name!

I recently submitted my passport for renewal to the SFO embassy via VFS. Since my full first name “Sudeep Alias Gauraang” was over the limit of 20 characters while registering my application on the VFS website, I shortened my name to “Sudeep” (less than 13 characters) and added a cover letter to my application.
Note that my previous passport had my full name and I want to keep this in my current passport as well.
Yesterday I received an email from the embassy asking for a name change affidavit in order to proceed with the application! I do not want any modifications on my passport. Has anyone else dealt with something like this? Any advice would be appreciated!

Reply them with all details. The name would be as per the Govt. application you filled.

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Thank you very much for the answer, but who would I specifically contact?

To the email one received asking for docs.

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Hi Eric_George1, did you get your passport back? Mine has been stuck in the SFO embassy for over a month now. Both the VFS site and the passportsevakendra website show the status of my application as under review.

Consulate finally reached out to me. Apparently, they stopped filling out “alias” names in the passport, so that’s why they were asking for the name change affidavit (why couldn’t they have cleared it up in the initial email?!).
The lady on the phone reached out to me asking me to fill out the name change affidavit and provide 2 documents with name without “alias”.