Passport renewal in USA, photo does not fit the box in application form

I completed passport application government form and after printing it I found that the box for photo on page 1 is smaller than 2x2 inches i.e. the size of photo required for the application.

I’m trying to figure out if there are any special instructions for printing the form?

Did anyone recently faced this problem and were successfully able to get their passport approved? Or if there were any objections from VFS regarding photo not fitting the box on the form.

I’m following instructions mentioned on VFS Global’s website and I’m at Step 2 here:

Do not ‘shrink’ or ‘fit’ while printing, unless your application is not coming off right in portrait orientation.

The box is slightly small. I used the space on the lower side (just above the signature space). Also, I had carefully trimmed my pic a bit to fit it. Should not be a whole lot though.

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