Passport renewal - indian passport notary stamp

I went to wellsfargo bank to Notarize the Change of Appearance form as well as copy of my GC in color as valid status.

The bank official just put her notary stamp on a separate document and not on the photocopies of the GC and the Change of Appearance form.
She said in WA state she is not allowed to stamp on the actual document unless there is specific legal text on the document.

would attaching the separate document (along with the copies) be acceptable to the Indian passport officials?

I went to BoFA in MA today and they did the same. You also need to notarize the address proof I think (it says indirectly, on the left hand column of the checklist).

I think address proof notarization is applicable for tatkal service.

Attaching separate doc works. Address proof needs to be notarized too.