Passport Renewal Minor - San Francisco VFS Global

Hey Folks, any idea how many days after the receipt of the documents VFS Global acknowledges the receipt of the documents? It’s been 3 days since the docs reached them (per UPS tracking) I have not yet received any update. I had to use my own UPS label because VFS was not able to verify my address (usual FedEx unable to verify my address error that many in this forum have seen). Does VFS Global send any ACK in case people use their own UPS label? UPS status shows delivered in the Mail Room of ICAC San Francisco Centre: 642 Harrison Street, Suite 200, San Francisco 94107, CA. A bit worried because I had no other choice than using my own shipping label - I used UPS next day air and it go delivered 7AM next day.

It should be within a week or sooner (if their plates are not loaded and overflowing). You can reach out to VFS with all relevant details and check about your application.

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I finally got my new and old passport back in the UPS return shipping envelope I sent. Tatkal service. Had visited UPS store to get my labels generated. Both labels were next day air. San Francisco VFS Global. I was getting an error while generating my own shipping label so had to generate my own labels (Error: FedEx is unable to verify your address).

  • Total time: 2 weeks from the day I shipped (incl 2 weekends)
  • Got an Ack in 4 days - docs received - via an email notification
  • Docs verified 7th day by VFS and sent to the embassy
  • Passport printed 10th day.
  • Shipped 11th day. Received 14th day.

This process was very cumbersome. Some UPS stores were not ready to generate the return shipping label because they don’t know return shipping weight - a max weight of 1lb had to be provided hence it cost 3x more than the VFS-generated shipping labels. Another issue - the VFS payment receipt gets generated only after adding shipping label tracking info and without all the required docs UPS store does not generate the labels hence this is kind of a chicken and egg problem (they need exact weight). I had to visit a couple of UPS stores with a printer that accepts this method. I could have always generated labels online but wanted to make sure there were no mistakes hence getting it done via UPS store was preferred. As usual, reaching out to VFS Global was not very helpful even over Twitter even though many folks are hitting the same issue/bug in their system.

There has not been any Police Verification done - most likely because the address did not change.

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