Passport renewal - NO change in Indian Address - is proof required?

I am applying for passport renewal and I don’t want to change my address on my passport. Do I have to still send an address proof for the old address?

Assuming you are talking about Indian passport renewal, i think you do not need any Indian address proof if you are not opting to change the address.

I have covered more details here:

Thanks. My Indian passport was renewed with 10 days… documentation on this site helped.

No document if India addre was needed as I had requested no change in address



My Indian passport is about to expire in 3 month.

So, I am going to renew it from San Francisco using CKGS website. Question is about my address on PP.

Currently, I have an Indian address which is no longer valid (since family moved to a different flat). I never lived in this new flat (except 4 holidays) and don’t have any address proof for it. i.e. no Aadhar card (I don’t have any), no voter ID card (I don’t have any), no utility bill.

I am doubtful on the national bank statement as well, but I can try that.

Also, I am in California now. If there is any police verification, do i need to be present there in India? I guess so.

Alternatively, I can provide my US residential address, where I do have address proof etc.

Are folks using their US address on Indian passport? Are there any negative implications for doing that? Is that even a valid option for me?
Anyone else in the same boat?

Anil, if you could chip in with your expert opinion.

Much appreciated! Thanks for your help on this.
-Best Regards, Sid

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Hi @SidB2019

As per current process, no Indian address proof is required if you are opting for no-change in Indian address.

There is no issue in getting US address printed on your passport. I do not know of any issues.

Hi Anil, my Indian address has indeed changed since the last time I renewed my passport (i.e the address in my current PP is not where we live anymore). Hence the question :-).
I realize I can put my US address in my Passport. Thanks for verifying that.
But, obviously I would prefer to put my new Indian address, but in that case I assume I have to submit proof and be present for police verify>?


Hi @SidB2019

You do not need to be present in India for any police verification.
The Indian address proof is not required if you are not opting to change the current printed Indian address in passport.

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Hi, my Indian passport is expiring soon and I need to renew it. In addition to renewal, I need to also change my address. If I provide a US address to be printed on my passport, it is mandatory for me to provide an Indian address in the ‘other address’ column and address for police verification column.

However, all my documents(Aadhaar, driving license, etc) are in my old address and my parents now stay in a different address for which I do not have any proof in my name.

What would be my options in this case? Kindly give your suggestions.

@anil_am22 I have seen that there have been a few posts on this topic but I could not find any post with the same case as mine. Could you please suggest options for me?

What address was put in ur passport… as per the Indian passport website for usa it says to “add/change indian address” u need address proof. Here “add” word is creating all the confusion. Does add mean add one more address or print address on the passport. I don’t know why indian govt officials create so much confusion in such a website which bothers thousands of people. If they don’t know how to write in english then they should write in Hindi.

It seems unless u put USA saddress it must need the address proof???

Hi @Santosh_Asbe – Which address did you get printed on your new passport; India one or one in US?

final resolution for all this confusion is…

If you dont have aadhar card number , leave the field blank
for Aadhar consent there is Yes/ NO check boxes
do NOT check either Yes or No ( I repeat dont check either of them)… continue the application then it will allow you to enter the current address as USA and other address as Indian address…

huff… somehow I am able to figure this out

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