Passport renewal - Not able to download fedex label

Hello Friend,
It has been 14 days. I am not able to download fedex label. I keep getting this error - “failed to download courier label. Please try again later”. I opened a VFS ticket and kept following on twitter but each and every time I receive same common answer without any resolution. Could you please help how to get this resolved ? It is not fair for the customer after paying all required fees and going through this worst customer experience. Thanks for your help.

Unfortunately, there’s no other way than what you have been doing so far i.e. following up with VFS on different channels. What common answer you are getting from them?

Did you try using a different browser or using incognito/private browsing mode? Give it a shot.

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Thank you so much for your response. I have tried in different browser with all the options in different systems and phone. No luck.

I keep getting the same generic message - “We are looking into it. Please wait”. Today is 15th day. No resolution yet. what a worst customer service.

I am going through that horrible experience now. It’s been 4 days since I logged issue with them. Did they ever resolve it for you? Please provide any tips that helped you

My city zip code got changed. That was a root cause.

Okay. I was not told reason for the issue but after spending few bucks in phone calls they emailed me a label.