Passport renewal - police verification and printed status


I applied for passport renewal in tatkal. The embassy tracker says - ‘passport has been printed’ but after that day I got an email from passport admin like police verification initiated.

can someone explain - does the passport dispatch to VFS waiting for clearance via police report .

I am confused in a way - how passport printed and police verif initiated in parallel.

Thanks for reading - awaiting your response.


You should hope to receive your passport soon.
The procedure of its relationship with police verification is not transparent.


While applying passport in Tatkal

  • Change of Appearance (Minors can apply)

After 10 years appearance will change slightly. Do we have to put “Appearance has not changed”

Hi, this is a grey area for most people I suppose. Although I didn’t use Tatkal, I got my passport delivered first and only a day or 2 later did the police visit my residence in INDIA for verification. From what I have read - scouring the web , for the most part the passport gets issued regardless of whether the police authorities in INDIA have completed that formality - although there have been a few outliers in this case I must admit based on some of the responses in this forum. Here’s an article I found on the web that might answer any pending questions you may have

After 10 years, generally, there is change in appearance. Better to select that. That’s what I did.