Passport Renewal Processing time, New York

Hi, VFS received my passport renewal package on Nov 11. The status changed to ‘forwarded to consulate’ on Nov 24th. Nothing has happened after that. Is it usual? Is the New York consulate taking so long? Mine was a Tatkal application. I have called VFS and have also sent them messages. No results so far. What can I do?

You should contact the consulate via PRAMIT or on Twitter.
VFS would not help, I think.

Thank you. I am going to do that.

It will take a period of 60days even if it is tatkal , that’s the state of NY VFS. Have patience till you get your passport back. Even mine I applied on 17Nov , Now its at the verge of completion . They are taking their own sweet time . I see there is no disciplined process or timeline laid out. once we get our passport back then we can tweet the pain the folks are going through and also the inefficiency of the operations.

Thanks for posting. This is a shame for the Indian government acting like a paralyzed and broken system, while being watched publicly in the US.

Finally received my passport under tatkal :slight_smile: after two months of scary journey with VFS NY.

Good that at least it worked :slight_smile:

This is useful info. I am in same situation where my passport renewal under Tatkal is with NY embassy from mid Nov. It’s such a shame of NY Indian consulate to have this kind of attitude towards it’s own citizen. The worst part was they never responded to any of the PRAMIT request or phone calls, and I feel ashamed to call this as our consulate which does not even respond for a legitimate request. Not sure why this kind of attitude and if there is some system to fix this kind of issues. 150$ for Tatkal is like a daylight robbery by Indian consulate and VFS.

VFS is like a scum trying to make money out of paid phone calls and has with absolute zero accountability.

Shame on both VFS and NY Indian consulate.

Finally, good update for you. I am still waiting …about to be 2 months in a weeks time. I want to seriously escalate this to concerned authorities outside of the consulate for charging me 150$ for Tatkal and making me go through this harrowing time.

Shame on NY consulate and VFS global

Even I have the same issue.
Passport renewal process @ VFS in New York.
Nov 12 - VFS received my renewal passport application + pasport.
Nov 18 - VFS reviewed and forwarded to Indian Embassy in New York.
Jan 12 - I checked the status in PRAMIT where it changed from Pending to Replied.

I do not understand what is happening with my application and why a delay of almost 2 months? Please share your understanding. Thx

Input your PRAMIT Confirmation ID into the link and see what the ‘current status’ showing for your case. My case until yesterday since 2 months was showing as " PENDING", but today I observed it as indicated ’ REPLIED’.

The status in VFS tracking link remain the same after I inputted the tracking ID
20-20xxxxxxxx. Probably, I believe VFS once they collect the document, they will compile and forwarded back to our mail box using the DHL envelope with the VFS return address label we enclosed in the application. Share any limelight from your experience which would be useful for others. Thx
Note: Its been almost 2 months till date for me.

How do one get PRAMIT Confirmation ID?

For my passport status on vfs site: dispatched. Since 2 days back
But scanning is not done at FedEx ,as I am not able to track using prepaid label I created yet.
Do I need to worry or raise it to VFS…or it is usual for every case

Hey folks! I have also applied for my passport renewal in NY but in the regular route and not via Tatkal. Do you know what would be the processing time for that category? Please and Thank you!

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No idea. I did not experience that issue. But no harm in emailing them.

In a very similar boat, although with SF Consulate. Have same timelines as you and still waiting.

Then select “Consular”, then " Submit Quer on Passport".
Fill your info like ARN , USAN, etc
Just messae them what you need exactly in one line,

Hi Mahendra,

i am in the similar situation did your fedex got updated ?

please let me know its been two days fedex label has not been updated.

Tarun chadalla

In Jan 2021, they replied me that my application is out on hold as I don’t have a status on US. Thought my case is in process with the immigrstion. Don’t understand why they don’t issue a citizen of India the right to renew Indian passport even after taking the fees 150usd. Weird people

Not weird. These days Indian government has been acting in autocratic and non-transparent manner. Corruption has become rampant.