Passport renewal Rejected by VFS with reason missing father’s name in the application form

Hope someone can help me with this:
My current passport has my father’s name.
In the online passport renewal application form on the Indian Government website, it was mentioned that specifying one of the three (father,mother or legal guardian name) is mandatory. I did specify
my mother’s name. The reason I didn’t add my father’s name is because it contains initials at the beginning and am not sure how it was distributed between fields after expanding the initials the first time we applied (we took the help of a passport agent at that time).
Now VFS has rejected the application because of missing father’s name and asked me to reapply.

The passport application has 2 questions:

  1. Have you ever been refused/denied passport?
  2. Have you ever applied for passport, but not issued?

Am I to select ‘Yes’ for either of these questions because VFS rejected the application?

VFS is not the decision maker for passport application- it is consulate. Their role is that of facilitator just to check that all requirements are fulfilled and then forward to embassy. (Please see their website under Refunds Policy ) So your answer will be No to all questions you mentioned. You just need to start afresh and complete all the forms and documents- You need to get a refund for returned application less some shipping/processing fee. I’m not sure if they send it back or you need to request it - form online. That you need to look into.

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They sent back the unprocessed documents and it is mentioned in the email that I will receive the eligible refund within 10-12 business days. So am assuming I don’t have to put in a request for refund.
I hope to use the supporting documents including the notarized ones from my recent application would work for applying again.
Thank you so much for responding to my question…

Send proof of father’s name to support what you submit on online form. Your birth certificate/father passport, or any other government official document

But my father’s name is already on my current passport. If I am writing it exactly same way in the new application, do I need to provide a proof? There is no document with an expanded form of his name anywhere. We never had to use the expansion anywhere except my passport application which we filled 10 years ago. He doesn’t have a passport. Since we filled the application 10 years ago with the help of an agent, I was bit doubtful how the name was divided across the fields. That’s why I didn’t write it in the new application as the application had 2 fields dividing the name and my passport has his name in a single line fully expanded.
The field is not even marked mandatory as I mentioned, and am still curious whether it is a mandatory field. Usually government website wouldn’t allow us to proceed if we don’t fill in mandatory fields. And I read that according to passport rule changes in 2016, father’s name is not mandatory in passport. But since my current passport has his name, may be that’s why it became an issue for me. Am not sure about this part. I didn’t send a query to VFS, but then am not sure when will they reply, so I thought better reapply as they have asked.

I am not sure about this - Reach out to the consulate and do as they advise and then apply

Probably I will just fill in and apply rather than wait… Thanks for clarifying about those 2 questions. Now I can fill the application again… Thanks a lot

Good Luck - Do update on this so others also benefit

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I would strongly suggest to provide some additional proof of his name just to avoid further delay. Your birth certificate should have his name, even if it’s initials it’s okay. Just send them proof.

Since both of you suggested so, I will do that. Thanks a lot

Hi Athulya,

Did you get a refund from VFS?

Yes, they refunded $77

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