Passport renewal - stuck at Other address section

I’m in the process of renewing my passport through VFD, and I’ve got some questions related to the “Other address” section. My parents currently live with me and I no longer have a permanent address in India, nor do I have any relatives there. So, I was considering printing my USA address in my passport and providing my friend’s info & address (he lives in India) in the “Other address” section. I would greatly appreciate your insights on below:

  1. Is this a common practice to do?
  2. Could this potentially lead to any issues during the police verification?
  3. What documentation should I provide to my friends so he can vouch for me during PV?

@anil_am22, @Diwedy I would appreciate to see your comments & thoughts on this post. Thanks!

You can give your friend’s address.

Normally, it is better to give your parent’s address wherever they are living so that the verification is easier.

The police officer may demand to see your passport copy and Aadhar.