Passport Renewal

Hi Anil/Kalpesh,
Recently I got picked in the h1b lottery for this year and got approval for LCA. My employer is currently working on h1b documentation and they will submit it before June-2022.
I am staying in India and my passport expiry date is Dec-2022. I got a H4 visa and am planning to travel to the USA in July-2022. I would like to renew my passport in September 2022 from the USA once I travel there.
Is it ok to renew from the USA in September? If all goes well, H1B I will go for dropbox in October or November from the USA. Do we need to consider the passport validity while doing LCA and h1b processing? My passport is valid 7 months from now
I think the passport should be valid more than 6 months once we go for stamping or drop box? Please confirm for me?

Yes, they ask for passport validity of at least 6 months before visa stamping. The H1B petition can be applied with USCIS irrespective of passport validity length (the only requirement is to have a valid passport).

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