Passport Returned with 221G white slip after dropbox in New Delhi

I have dropped by H1b Visa documents in New Delhi Consulate on Feb 7th 2022. My case status was changed to Refused on Feb 9th and my passport was ready to pick up by Feb 11. My passport had 221G white slip pinned to it asking to appear for an in person interview but its been 2 weeks and no interview date/slot provided yet. The letter says the embassy is not able to offer an interview at this time and will notify me via email once the walk-in interviews resume. Does anyone know how long it could take to receive an email with interview slot ?
Did anyone recently receive similar 221G ?

Appreciate your help

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Hi abhinav

Me to got my passport back with white slip asking for interview but no email dropbox in Delhi on feb 17

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Unfortunately, there is no time frame available. You will have to wait for their email.

thanks for the reply Anil.
Was just wondering if anyone else has got similar 221g recently at Delhi consulate and how long did it take for them to get the visa slot/approval.

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Are you a full time employee or work as a contractor?


Hello Anil, my husband applied for Dropbox in Hyderabad. We recieved a 221g white slip. My kids study in USA and they are missing their school. is there any way my H4 can be approved and and I can travel with my kids?

H4 cannot be approved without H1B.

Thank you Anil, do you have any idea how much time it’s gonna take? Or like what are the chances of approval?

Hello did you hear anything from uscis?