Passport Timeline at SF consulate

Yes, I did receive the police verification email. Suprisingly the rmsil was sent after the polcie already contacted the relatives in India.

Thanks. I applied in tatkal. It moved very fast till now but now stuck in “passport has been printed” for a day or so. Not sure. I didn’t receive any police verification email either.

Hi Naveen,

Did you apply in tatkal? I saw in the morning today (8th april 2022 ) - 9:30 am - where it said. “Passport has been printed” but it didn’t move to next status after that today. Do they hold it up for police verification but I haven’t received any email regarding that.

Did you receive any police verification email ? No one is at my house and the number I gave won’t work as my mom is here. I have to ask someone else to visit if i get email.

My application seems to be stuck in “Print has been initiated for passport.” for last 2 weeks.
Since 1st April it has been in the same status. I read a couple of forums and in most cases i see that the status moves to printed state in 10 days.

(Normal application @sfo)

My application seems stuck in ‘Print has been initiated for passport.’ for last 18 days. I am getting hopeless and need to travel to India and do not know who to reach out to in this situation. It is impossible to contact embassy, I never get any response over email from them.

Did not receive any police verification email.

Is anyone else as well in this situation?

Reach out to them on Twitter: @vfsglobalcare and @CGISFO

Reached them on twitter, @CGISFO did not respond on twitter but my passport status changed to ‘Passport has been printed’

I do not know if it was the twitter post that helped or it was just the normal ongoing process where my passport application got processed.

Your application has reached at the Embassy/Consulate and is currently under review process
Hello, all.
I applied for renewal on April 14. I got my earlier passport at SFO>
I have an urgent trip to India coming in two weeks.

Is there any way to request the consulate to expedite the process? Has anyone done this? Request to convert normal application to tatkal or any other methods?

Help much appreciated. I booked the tickets and I was hoping to get the passport in three weeks or as I had applied it for the passport through SFO last time! (My fault, not smart move)
Thanks in advance.

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You can reach out to them to expedite it but it may or may not happen. Unfortunately, all you can do now is just wait. Hope you are tracking the application at the Govt. site where you filled in the application.

Hi all, is File number at India gov website same as ARN number used for tracking at VFS consulate website ? I am not able to see a successful entry at India gov website. Hence, wondering if File no is something different that is used for tracking

Method 1: Login on the Govt Website where you filled and submitted your application; click on/select the row which has your file number (if generated) against your application number, to track.

Method 2: On the main page of Govt site, click on Application status > fill in ARN and other details, to track

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I called the VFS and they said they could not do anything as the application material was with embassy. Your application has reached at the Embassy/Consulate and is currently under review process Last time I got it renewed it was faster. COVID issues perhaps? I have to postpone my trip now.

I submitted my application online on March 13th, 2022, for the reissue of my passport, mailed all the documents in late March 2022 then sent my declaration certificate to make changes in my documents in Mid April 2022; since May 8th, 2022 the status of my application is your application has reached at the Embassy/Consulate and is currently under review process, not sure what to do?


* Normal processing
* No change in particulars
* No police verification initiated

4/25 - shipped via fedex
4/27 - reached VFS
5/2 - application received and in processing at VFS
5/3 - processed and In transit to embassy
5/4 - Reached embassy, in review
5/18 - Print initiated
5/26 - Passport printed
5/26 - Passport printed and delivered shortly
5/31 - Document is dispatched via Fedex
6/1 - Received both passports
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Hi Prem, I know this is long back conversation but my current situation is same as the status you mentioned in comment ‘Printer and forwarded to Embassy and embassy will contact you when ready to dispatch’. Please let me know after who many days it took you to get passport after this status?

Thank you

My kid’s passport renewal at Houston is also stuck at the same status ‘printed and forwarded’ for more than a week now. .

India’s incompetent bureaucracy continues to haunt us even abroad. My passport has been stuck at the SF consulate for weeks now. Finally saw the status change to “Print has been initiated” but then got an email saying that police verification has been initiated. Their website says that police verification will only happen if it has been more than 3 years since the passport expired or if the address changes. None of these apply to me. I don’t understand why they don’t follow the rules that they’ve written themselves. God only knows if I’ll be able to travel in December.

Is it true that pp canbe revoked by embassy if somehow pv is not completed even after police visits ? ( means if the police is doesn’t ok the file?)

PP is revoked only in exceptional circumstances (wrongful possession, when procured using fraud, sentenced for more than 2 years for a crime, etc.). At most, they can reject your application.

It’s advisable to get PV completed with help of your friends/family; else, it MAY lead to delay/rejection of your renewal application.

Hi rahul , i read your statement about renewal your passport, i am in same situation, i just received e-mail today about police verification , i hope i will get call soon from police station, i just wanna ask you quick question about in how many days you received your passport after done your police verification?