Payment evidence

Hi Guys,

I am in a situation where i was able to acquire salary slips from my employer, however, there were months where my company was going through cash crunch and were able to pay only half of the salary.

However, they cleared all my dues during my final settlement after my resignation.

Now, my salary slips which my employer shared shows the full salary where as bank statement shows the half payment of salary.

Will there be any issues with ACS with regards to Payment evidence ?

I don’t think the salary amount matters as long as it was paid. They usually just use the salary slip as a proof of payment to make sure it was paid work.

Also, you just need the payslip for the start and end month for a particular year.

HI @anil_am22

I have been reading that color copies are required for payment evidence. I got payment evidence from bank, but they are all Black and White.

Same with me. The payslips given by some of my companies are not in colour originally.