Payment mode for Indian passport renewal in US

Hi Anil,

I am in process of renewing my Indian passport. I am currently staying in Washington. While filling up the online application form I am not getting the option for online payment. It’s only giving me the options for Banker’s/Cashier’s check and Money Order. Is there any way I can pay online?


Iraban - I applied this month as well to ckgs under my jurisdiction. They only accept money order or cashiers check for now. They’ll send you a receipt through your account once package is delivered.

I hope this helps.

That helps. Thanks for the update.

So I have to send the money order / cashier’s check along with other documents to CKGS. Right?

Yes. Please read instructions on the checklist it should answer all questions you have.

Hello…I am also in same boat. So we need to send the cashier’s check along with the document checklist. Furthermore, I selected shipping option in the initial list of services. However, I do not see shipping charges added to my Fees.

I see the below amounts -

Re-issue of Passport - Normal 75.00

CKGS Service Fee 19.95

ICWF Fee 2.00


Text Messages Alert Service 5.00


Does this means they removed the Shipping option or did I select something wrong…?


It had displayed 15 bucks for each shipment when I applied, but I’m not in the same state as my jurisdiction office. Maybe you live in the state where they are located, but my guess is you selected something wrong. Send them an email.

Yes It showed the shipping charges later. Do we need to write any address in the money order or only the Cox and Kings Global Services LLC and from address is sufficient…?

Not sure about the money order. I sent a cashier check, for that only recipient name was required.

Is there any way to edit the form?
I entered wrong cashiers check number and it is not allowing to edit it.
I tried to call their customer center,but it says its closed. I sent them email too but no response.

I don’t think they allow editing anything online. The only way is to contact CKGS to get modifications done.