Payroll start after landing in USA with H1B counselor processing

Hi @Kalpesh_Dalwadi / @anil_am22,

I had an H1B from previous employer while in USA and got in transferred to Employer B but with counselor processing so went to India to get it done. I got the approval and the validity in I797-B mentions valid from 06/20/2023. I came to USA on 18th Sept, 2023 with the new stamp, and my employer says the start date can be put as October 1st as well, but i wanted to ask

  • If the payroll need to run immediately?

  • And does the start date need to be put as the same day i landed?

  • If the payroll starts from 1st October, the gap created of 12 days until joining (18th Sept to 30th Sept), would it be counted towards 60 day grace or unlawful presence?

Please help answering the above que!

Ideally, the start date should be immediate for H1B as soon as you land.

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