PCC done at my last residing address and it came 'Adverse'

I have applied for PCC for immigration purpose from US. I gave my last address(In-laws address) where i stayed for 10 months in India. Police came to the address and told my In-laws that this is not his permanent address so they cannot send a clear report. Police told them to apply again and provide permanent address.
Later, I contacted Indian consulate and they provided me Personal Particular form and asked me to fill and send it back.
Please help me how will i get the report clear so that i can process my Visa application.


Same thing happened in my wife’s case. Address on her passport was the one before marriage and address provided in PCC application was after marriage.
With this reason, local police has provided adverse report to passport office. This I came to know after calling regional passport office. They have advised to check with consulate for further process.
I am trying to reach them but did not get any update. Any idea on next steps?
Will I be notified by consulate/VFS or RPO?

Hi, sorry to hear that. My PCC is still in process, don’t know when will I receive mine.
Please follow up with Indian consulate and ask them for further steps. For my case, they have asked to fill personal particular form and send them.
Do keep me updated on your case, I will do the same.

I sent mail to VFS Sydney about this. Got reply from them that PCC will be dispatched by this week.

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Hi, so did you finally get the PCC as adverse? What was the right way to do it? I’ve stayed in Hyderabad for 5 years before moving to Melbourne 1.5 yrs back. My permanent address is in Kerala. I’m wondering how to fill up the form now. Can you help?

I got proper PCC. There was no adverse remark on PCC.
You need to provide permanent address as your passport.