PCC for my dependant wife

Hello Experts,

I got s56 request today and I need your help. :pray:t2:

I hold Indian passport and submitted my PCC. My wife submitted Nepal’s PCC as she hold Nepali passport. Now, CO have asked for India PCC for my wife too. I tried to get that in past for her but PSK Pune rejected saying that she is Nepali and they cant make india PCC for her.

If im not wrong, you need PCC from a country where you lived more than a year in past 10 years. However, she just stayed few months in India.

Please advice. :pray:t2:

You can submit the letter that shows the rejection from Indian authorities for your wife’s case.

Hi Anil,

they refused to give any letter. I even tried to get the letter from regional office in pune but no luck.