PCC from SFO Indian Embassy processing Time

Hi Anil,

I live in seattle, Washington and submitted my PCC docs at SFO consulate on 2nd Dec 2019. My lates passport was issues at Houston in 2015 but the first one was in india in 2011 when i was 20yrs old.

As per the officials at consulate they need to send my info to RPO in india which is Hyderabad and get the clearance. As per them there’s no Specific timeline for response. Though I have more than 50 days left on my PR application for Canada, this is making me worry, as per officials they want me to check back after a month.

Any suggestions/advices?

Thanks in advance!

SFO Indian embassy’s normal processing time for PCC issuance is about 6-8 weeks. Do not worry, you can get an extension to submit your ITA or you can submit PCC later if it is delayed by embassy.

Canada has this provision as I shared the same answer earlier with other Canada PR candidate who was worried.


I sent my document along with original passports from Seattle to SF consulate which were delivered to the consulate on Dec 30th. I tried calling and mailing the consulate to confirm the timeline for processing the passport but they have not answered. Do we know the current wait time for the PCC from SF consulate ? I need to travel to India in February and wondering if I will get the passports before then ?


Hi @var

Please read above.

Hi Anil, thanks for the reply. If I go to the consulate in person, will they give me my passport back even if the PCC is being processed ? I sent a return shipping label for the documents to be returned so want to confirm if I can collect the passport in person before my trip to India.


Hi @var

They should be able to return the passport if you can show valid ID proof. Nobody has tried it before though.

Hi @Anil.Gupta, My current Indian passport was issued by SFO consulate and they took a month to issue PCC last year. I need to renew my PCC now. So, can I apply to any other consulate like Atlanta as SFO takes longer than other consulates…

Kindly advise

Hi @Hsgc

You cannot choose Indian embassy by your choice. Each Indian embassy has their jurisdiction based on your US residential address.