Pending H4-EAD that qualifies for 180 auto-renewal lapse if I switch my H1B to a new employer

My H1B and my wife’s H4 filed by my current employer are approved and valid till 2025.
H4-EAD renewal filed in Jan 2022 is still pending approval by USCIS.
My i140 PriroityDate is Dec 2017.

If I switch to a new employer, do they need to file H4 and EAD for my wife along with my H1B? And will the pending EAD (filed in Jan 2022) that qualifies her to work based on 180 days auto-renewal will lapse and lose her ability to work?

Please advise how to retain her EAD and ability to continue to work legally if I opt to move to the new employer and transfer my H1B.

Thanks for your time and consideration!

H4/EAD renewal is not needed as H4 is already approved and valid till 2025. You also filed H4 EAD renewal in a timely fashion so H4 can keep working (180 days auto-extension of EAD)

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