PERM + Amendment + FDNS site visit

HI Anil,

As there is change in role an amendment is filed in sep 2018(only for role change no change in customer/project) and got a RFE for specialty during last 3rd week of DEC 2018. Responded RFE on 7th FEB 2019 still pending

Filed PERM with 27th Feb PD, in MARCH 24th FDNS site visit happened, Just want to make sure for which application the the site visit was i thought it was for Amendment.

Does this mean my PERM is taken for audit?

i haven’t seen my PERM/Amendment status approved!!!

Please comment

You should tell me as to whose site visit it was.

The inspector must have told you about what he is checking and which institution he is from.

Most of the time, the USCIS officers come for a site visit.

I cannot guess as to who came for site visit with just the limited information you have shared.

FDNS site visit happened for self at the client location where i work to make sure i do have my presence in the same. They are inquiring about me roles and responsibilities.The visit is to make sure the qualified the job

My Perm moved to Audit. Lawyer confirm that

Sorry to hear that. Do keep us updated how it progresses and what documents DOL requests in PERM Audit.

We may be able to help you.

Hi Anil,

The audit is targeted at the employer’s recruitment efforts, not the individual applicant so my company is taking on it.

Now the other thing is i have a valid i94 & H1B from sep 2017 till sep 2020.

But during sep 2018 i have filed an amendment as they changed my role (rest client and location is still same).

it went to RFE and today on the site its shows denied.

What the options i have?

Also one more qq, does this will effect my PERM?

Your previous approved H1B stays valid even when amendment is denied.

It depends if PERM is filed for amended position or old position.

PERM is filed with old position

HI @satyazit

Your PERM should not be affected then.

Closing the Loop

Perm got approved !!! Amendment got denied, So continued back on the old position.

Thanks @anil_am22 for all the help and details

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