Perm and I140 Approved , Will role change from Test lead to Dev Lead affects?

Hi @anil_am22 , I have a approved perm and I140 with Job Title as Test Lead - with PD 2015 EB3

More details i see in Perm are as below :

  1. SOC Code 15-1132 Software Developer Application in the PERM Application. Also i see acceptable alternate occupations mentioned in the Perm are as Tech Analyst, Sr. Software Engineer, Module Lead or related.
  2. Job Duties mentioned were of QA/Test related activities.

I recently moved to a Dev Lead Position. How will this affect my next step to file 485J , when the time comes. Do i need to restart my Perm or i140 again ? Worried that 2015 Eb3 is near in the visa bulletin charts , is the recent role change an issue that stops me filing for 485 even if my dates becomes current.

Attorney mentioned its a progression and they can able to submit 485J form without redoing perm/i140. But I am still confused if there is anything I am missing here.
Appreciate your response. Thank you !

This is correct, you need to trust you lawyers :slight_smile:

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But my previous PERM job duties (Test Lead) were mentioned are more of Testing and QA activities and the new Designation i currently hold are about Dev related (Technology Lead) activities , even though both designation fall under similar lead positions at same level 5 in my current organization. Hence the confusion. So you are saying this change in Job Responsibilities are not be a problem

Your lawyers must have thought about how they are going to justify your case as natural progression in your career so no need to worry. They know better than you and me.

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