PERM audit reasons - please help

Hi, My perm went to random audit as informed by attorney. However, I’m yet to get response on why it went to audit from my attorney. Here, I would like to describe my scenario and appreciate any response.

  1. Is there a standard experience requirement for EB2? I mean one should have to have only 5 years to be eligible for EB2 but not 7 years or 8 years part of job requirement?
  2. If yes, such cases leads to audit?
  3. If no, what could be other reasons to be under audit?
  4. how true it is to say “random audit” for every perm audit?

Thanks in advance

Guess work will not lead anywhere. Its better to wait for actual audit reason and then we can suggest something

Hi I got PERM audit as well. It is a Random audit with a RFE.

  1. Audit for recruitment process
  2. RFE for why 4 years of AWS experience is mentioned in the JD. Why cant the candidate learn AWS while working.

We replied with the answers on Jan 15th. What are the odds of approval?

Hi Anil, I got audit 5 months ago that is in August 2019 and my PD is Mar 2019. Though I asked my employer for the DOL audit notice, it was not shared with me. But lawyer told me its about experience requirement and recruitment efforts. My PERM job profile says 8 years with Bachelors degree and filed under EB2.

So my question is : Is there a standard experience requirement for EB2?
Appreciate your response.

Usually, an EB2 job requires a masters degree with 5 year work experience.

Finally, my PERM certified after 351 days painful wait. good luck all.

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