Perm audit timelines

Are calendar days counted from the day the perm application was filed ? or from the day the audit response was filed?
In other words, the ‘fastest’ audit time, currently stands on ~11 months is just audit processing time or does it include the days until the perm audit was received?


Hi Ran_B,

I have the same question. Were you able to get the answer to your question?


Vivek Gujari.

Not really, but the case has been approved since
Here’s how it works
The priority date is the date your immigrant petition was filed.
The audit alone took 4 months
the overall process took 11 months
hope that helps

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Could you please tell me how many calendar days it took to get it approved from the priority date?

329 days from the priority date

Alright. Thank you.
Did your employer reach out to DOL for any status update?

When did your PERM audit got approved?

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The approval finally arrived on October 6th 2021

Okay. Thank you for the information.

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Hi Ran, Congratulations,
I got an audit on 12/17/2021, and I submitted my PERM application on 07/30/2021, so I would like to know, what would be my audit date? Would it be the date of submission of audit response or the original date of submission?

Like original date of submission: 07/30/2021

Audit date: 12/17/2021

Audit response 12/30/2021

how long does it take from my audit response date 12/30/2021?

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Hi Shadi
your priority date is 07/30/2021
I see that the DOL is processing audit requests from march 2021 and that the total perm processing time stands on ~9 months and 25 days .
It means that you should get it back in April-May
The audit process alone usually takes somewhere between 4-5 months .
good luck


Thank you so much Ran, I wish you all the best.

Hello @shadimqm and @Vivek_Gujari,

I am in the same boat here. My PERM apication was submitted in 21 April, 2021.

I got an audit in October. My date submit response was Nov 9th. My lawyer submitted the response.

When do you think I will get to know the result?

@Vivek_Gujari and @shadimqm have you guys heard anything yet?

Looking forward to hear back from you about mu case.

You should have it, in my case I got it on 04/20/2022 and my priority date is 07/30/2021.