Perm case- pending (expect case anytime now. check with your employer if case is not pending for audit.)

Have anybody got similar messages on perm decision?
Can anybody let me know what the message meant?

(Expect case approval anytime now. check with your employer if case is not pending for audit)

I haven’t heard anything from my employer. If anybody has gone through similar situation, I am looking for advice.

Thank you.

This is an estimated time that am22tech’s service calculates based on the normal PERM processing time.

It does not mean that you case has actually approved.

It simply means that your case is around the cases which are getting approved and hence you can also expect an approval anytime now.
Your case number is basically quite close to other approved cases.

Your employer will get the information from DOL once they approve it.


Thank you for the response.

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You must have entered wrong receipt date.

Can you share the receipt number and we can check.

I also have a similar issue.

Hi Shukla,

did you get any update on your Perm , my status is also showing same.


Hi Bikash,
Did you get any update on your perm status , my perm status also same .

No updates yet Ahmed, what is your PD?

Sep01’2020,what’s your PD…?


When I am checking my PERM status in the application I can see below status. Does it mean my PERM is approved or I can expect approval before end of the December. Please suggest.

This only means the am22tech’s PERM estimate your case to be approved around end of December.

They look at other cases that are similar to your case and then estimate a possible date. This is not an official DOL estimate.

It also does not mean that your case is approved. It is just an estimated date.

Mine is June 28th 2020

Any updates for the cases pending for last week of june?

Kindly also check my case number A-20164-65035. Thank you.

Juliet Lopez

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