PERM delayed without being audited


DOL is showing on its web page that they are processing FEB 2019 now. Following close to daily updates, DOL is currently processing March 31st PERMS A-19090-XXXXX.

Mine was submitted on January 7th. Lawyer informed that no auditing letter was received yet and time frame is normal.

I sent an email to ATLANTA Help desk and only employer or legal representative can request an update using this channel based on their reply.
Lawyer is charging employer $600 to start submitting inquiries through email. Is it a normal situation?

Submitted on January 7h, DOL is processing March 31st, no auditing letter sent and PERM is on a sort of “LIMBO”.

Hi @nlomba1193

This is not normal but not anything to worry either. Some cases do take longer than others for PERM approval.

I suggest to wait as you do not have any other option.

Thanks Anil. I will wait until employer gets back to me

Dear Anil,

Lawyer said it went into auditing yesterday. Based on your experience, how long it should take after documents are sent to DOL to get a response?

Thanks in advance.

It can take anywhere between 3-5 months to get approval after Auditing response is received by DOL.

Hi…did u get any upadte from DoL

Hi. No, not yet. Still waiting for it.

whats the reason of your audit ,is it your big or small company.i am waiting for my perm since 4 months and no update till now.i am just worried about audit also so asking

Small company. In my case took 5 months for auditing letter to be received and talmost a month for lawyer to answer back including evidences.

oh and now i get audit too.

@nlomba1193 Did you get any update on your audit case? I guess it’s about 3 months since DOL received the evidences. Do you mind letting us know briefly what were the evidences requested for? Is it just standard RFE asking the overall process of PERM or some specific points?

@Nargis_A Hey, any luck in your case so far? I know it’s only about a month maybe since DOL received the audit response. And what was the RFE about (briefly)?

Yes, it was finalyzed and approved on August 30th. Standard request asking for evidences of recruiting phase.

Hi @nlomba1193, That’s fast! just took about 1.5 months after submitting the RFE?

Yes, It was fast. In general, it takes about 2-3 months after receiving the auditing letter to get a final response.