Perm denied, and the lawyer claimed they haven’t received the DLO notice

2022/9, perm filed
2023/7-last week, asking the lawyer for the result . He replied “ not received “ . Last week, we asked him to reach out the Dol and check case. Got known perm denied.
The reason is”advertising location is not correct “ , but the same thing done by the firm before is alright.
2023/11/29 terrible information, the result has been made several months! That means we have no right to apply the motion to reconsideration. In the meantime, the lawyer insisted they did not receive the notice from DOL
Does everyone know what is wrong, thanks so much.
The work is fully remote . work location is NY, the headquarters is Seattle, the ad post location is Seattle

Talk to your manager and HR, you will need to file the perm again.