PERM is pending since last 8 months

Hello All,

@anil_am22- Please suggest

My PERM was filed on May 29th, 2020, and still, it is under analyst review. My law firm did quite a follow-up with DOL, but the reply is the same. “it is pending, under analyst review”. It has been 8 months now, what can be done. Why is there is a delay, is everyone facing the same kind of delay?

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Many people are facing the delays due to shortage of staff in COVID.

Same here … My Perm filed on 06/29/2020. and it is still in Analyst Review.

My PERM was filed in Mar 2020 and got a regular RFC in summer last year and Attorney responded in Sep 2020 and I am still waiting. As of today, it is still under review with USCIS. I am not sure how to track this from my end as Attorney says there is not receipt number or so, that I can use to track it. Do you have any idea if I can get PERM receipt number from Attorney or USCIS directly to track it from my end?

I think either employer or attorney can only check your PERM status online. By the way, PERM applications processed by DOL, not USCIS.

Hi Anil,
My perm was filed on June 29, 2020 and it is still in “Analyst Review”. And now DOL started approving July third week cases. Wanted to check with you if this is normal or they missed few cases like this.

is there any possibility I will get approval, or they will put audit intentionally for these backlog cases.

Thanks !!

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Hi Abhinav - Did you get any response on your case ?

Mine was filed in Oct 1 and stil under review.
@anil_am22 - pls.advice
when you think Oct 1 perm will be processed?
This is critical.for I got very good offer from another employer and want to make decision in coming weeks.

also, Another question, If H4 is travelled out of US while H4 extension is under process, most probaby their extensio will be cancellled, what are all options to return to US?
as we know H4 extenions approval now a days takes 5-7 months.thanks

Hi Abhinav, Bhawani- did you get any response on your case, mine was filed on July 20, 2020 but no update till now.

No… till now no updates.

Hi @Bhawani , did your PERM got approved ? If yes, how much time did it took ?
My PERM was filed on Dec 3, 2020. I think I am in same boat.
Any information would be really helpful


My perm got approved in May last week after doing a follow up with DOL.